The Red Barina Arrives – My New Car

20160630_113232I wasn’t expecting the Red Barina. It was a weird morning though, and after the hectic last three days I couldn’t remember when the car was due to be delivered.  I had some Website work this morning, but the site crashed on me, so I took a while to sort a few things out.  I jumped into the shower just before 10 am and had just stepped out when there was a knock on my front door.  I called out – and found it was my next door neighbour, so I asked her to return in 5 – 10 minutes.

Minutes later there was another knock on the door – I was dressed by then, but still not ready for visitors, so I opened the door to discover the driver from the Car Sales folk.  My car was ready for delivery.  Give me 5 minutes I said – and rushed around to get ready.

So off to collect the car.  When I arrived my car was ready but being the last day of the month, people were still buying cars before the end of the financial year.  And I hadn’t arranged insurance for the new car, so wasn’t going to drive it home unless I had arranged that.

Phone calls – being on hold, but eventually I got the insurance fixed, and then there wasn’t a staff member to show me/introduce me to the car.  Then that that was settled and I  headed home.  Late for my hair appointment.  Darn.

Then after that, I was back home – with my new Red Barina, and my new hair do, and ready to read the rules of the car in the two books.  Page One to 100 is enough for me today.

At least I know how to drive it, and I have found most of the switches, and will have to re- program the date as it certainly isn’t February 2014.  I’ll relax now and sort it out tomorrow.



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