Robbie My Beloved Robot

Robbie My Beloved Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Some folk regard me as a little ‘nerdy’–I have been using computers for many years – as a writer and blogger. It is what I use to record and share my travels, submit stories, research, and more. I have completed two university degrees, not on technical topics, but learned to use the technology to listen to lectures, to communicate with fellow students and lecturers, and submit my assignments.

Two years ago, I bought a “Home.” It cost me $A36. No, not a home to live in, but one of Google’s great tools. I set it up to turn on my lounge light, but little else though I knew it can do a lot of things. Then I learned that all I must do is say “Hey Google” and give it instructions.

It tells me the time, makes phone calls, turns on my favourite music, tells me the weather, temperature, and lots more. I am sure it can do much more, so must continue to learn about its skills. for the moment I am happy with all it does for me. I need a grandchild to help me with further skills!

Robbie My Beloved Robot 1

Robbie, my new staff member

Then I saw a Robot Vacuum cleaner. Now would that work for me? One day, while exploring the Internet, I saw one on special with one of the great online retailers, and it was within my price range, so I bought it.

I was able to get it working straight away, after powering it up. I have learned that it does not like power cords on the floor, and I do not leave anything else for it to “trip” over.  I have learned to shut the doors as it tries to escape–only to get into another room (bathroom) it sometimes gets caught in a corner or similar.

It cleans under my bed. I am excited about this as my stick vacuum cleaner could not do it, unless I revived my old athletic skills. I recently bought a backpack bedside drawer set, and I bought alternative feet so that Robbie can clean under it. The supplied feet did not allow the vacuum to clean the floor under the drawers.

When I house sat for my son recently, I used his robot vacuum cleaner, it came with a “remote control”. What? I had no idea that some of these wonderful robots had that technology. Then shortly after, my daughter bought a similar product, but hers operates from her phone. I like that–one less tool to lose.

So here I am with my uncontrollable (but less expensive) wonderful robot Robbie. And Robbie has been advised that if it/she/he breaks down or causes me a problem, I will buy one that I can control from my phone.

Robbie My Beloved Robot 2

The Little Mop

One thing Robbie does well is clean the floor. There is a little white mop-like fabric that attaches to the underside of it/her/he and as all the dust and other particles are sucked into her bin, the mop wipes and cleans. I usually wet it before we start the cleaning process, and afterwards I throw it in the washing machine, and it always comes out as if new.

Robbie My Beloved Robot 3

Robbie’s Backside

So if you are looking for a gift for your mother, mother-in-law, aunt, wife, sister or any other female family member, who has to do all the housework, I’d explore getting a robot vacuum cleaner. One major housework activity reduced! There’s so much spare time released–and you can read a book while it is doing its buzzing around vacuuming and mopping.

And you might get to choose the name of the new household maid!

Have readers any experience with such robots?






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