Ooops, I Forgot My Phone.

Rock Photography Expedition

This morning, I set off on a photography walk. I had decided some weeks ago to revisit some interesting sandstone cliffs and take photos at Sandstone Point.  I am house sitting at the moment nearby. What difference does the sunlight make?  Any?  It is the second time  I have taken photographs there.

One has to go at low tide, otherwise, it is rather difficult and dangerous to get to the cliffs.  I checked the tide times and found that around 7 am this morning would be best. It would be very low tide, so with a camera and my special sand-walking shoes, I set off.  Taking my phone just didn’t occur to me.  In fact, I didn’t even have it in the car.

Walking to a place that I had been before, I took quite a few photographs, and, as was my plan I set off for further cliffs.  The rocks were slippery with mud, so I chose to walk towards the shallows and wend my way through rocks, sand, mangroves, and seashells.  It was a bit scary – as on a couple of occasions, I sank in the sand.  My shoes tried to slip off.  It was then that I realised that I had put myself in danger.

Ooops, I Forgot My Phone. 1

Some of the rock formations.








Here I was, well away from other people, slipping and sliding in amongst rocks and sandy pools, and I didn’t have my phone.  Two light planes flew overhead, but I am sure they would not have seen me!

Seagrass, oysters and slippery rocks.

Close to the narrow sandy beach are small rock holes full of water and seashells and on many of the rocks, oysters cling.  I don’t like oysters (except smoked ones), and I didn’t have a tool to remove them from their homes, but I am sure that there’s a good food or three out there.

There is plenty of seagrasses too and interesting shells and other marine critters.  In fact, I touched a whitish thing in the sand and it moved and shrunk as I looked at it.  There’s plenty of mangrove trees too – mostly on the edge of the sandy beach, but there are a few further out in the sea.

Ooops, I Forgot My Phone. 2

Very low tide

As I walked through the muddy sand, I took a bit more care and carefully made my way back to the sandy beach and safety.  Mmm.  Made it.

I have yet to go through the photographs I took and determine which, if any, I will submit for the photography competition.

Note to self:  Don’t forget to take the mobile phone on next adventure.



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