Some Sites to Write For – UBC Day 15

Some Sites to Write –  Share Your Writing

Of course, your own Website or dedicated Blog Site is probably the best place to write, but there are others to share your ideas and other writing.  When I started learning about the places to write, I didn’t consider my own website.  I didn’t have the confidence or expertise to do it.  That came later.

Here are some – but I’ve learned that there are thousands more.  These days I do use my own website, and also write content for some others.  There are not enough hours in the day, or days in the week to write for them all regularly.  I’ve made friends with other writers and like to “pop in” and see what others are writing about.

Hub Pages

It was 9 years ago that I started writing for Hub pages.   As it turned out, I made a few friends on this site and we followed each other here and other sites.  I’ve not done much here for quite a while, though did two articles recently.  They have a payment system too, which is worth exploring.

I don’t have a particular theme – just random articles but it is a good friendly site, and you can learn so much from using it.

I like the way the site works, making it easy to write blocks of text, add photos and more.  There’s a great tutorial on the site too.  One of my articles was about climbing a mountain in China.  It was across the road from the university where I worked. You can read it here.


This is a Google site, but easy to create a blog, and yes, you can use Adsense if you wish to earn some $$$’s too.  I had a fun one, too about my beloved dog.

Sadly he died in 2010, so that was the end of his story.  I had many sites on Blogger – often as part of my teaching others to create their own blogs.  While I like WordPress, there’s no doubt that Blogger/Blogspot is simpler.  I often suggest those new to blogging try using this to learn.


This site is very interesting.  I’ve posted a couple of stories here, but have not delved too far into it.  Some great articles though and well worth reading.  Look at

Pen, notebook and laptop - And Coffee!

Writing 0 Photo by Andrew Neel at

Weekend Notes

This is one of my favourite sites as I travel a lot and regularly post articles about where I have been, places, countries, restaurants, events and more.  It’s not too complicated, though frustrating at times, but I do get a regular payment from them.    As I live on my own, I often decide to jump in my car, with a camera and notebook and go and explore a town, sometimes I stay overnight.  I don’t consider it “working” but I have an enjoyable time.  People from almost all around the world can write about their travels or stories about their own country.  Click here to join my team of writers.  It costs nothing to join and can be a lot of fun.  (Contact me if you want more information.)

Where do you share your writing?

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