Straying Off Course – UBC Day 7

Straying Off the UBC Plan

I’m straying off the UBC Plan. The fact is that I am struggling to find the instructions for Day 7, and I’m too late to really participate in Day 8, so I will just bang-on, and try and get up to date.

It’s only Thursday and already my week has been eventful – and my plan was to have a quiet week, and keep up with the UBC  plan, but it is anything but a quiet week.

On Monday I had two appointments – an interview on radio (local), and an inspection of a unit that I was trying to view to possibly live there.  The radio interview was postponed until the following day.  The unit inspection happened – but I left fairly quickly. How could anyone expect someone to pay so much for such a dump?  So I went and enjoyed buying some dresses at TS.

I wasted so much time, but then visited my daughter who was not home so I watered her garden until she arrived.  Can you get the idea that I strayed off because I had too much to think about and do?

My son in law tried to fix up my data-projector, but I suspect it is dead.  Terminal.  It is 13 years old and has served me well, but I have to admit it is of no use now.  Darn!!

The next day was pretty quiet, but I did have the radio recording to do.  For a five minute interview, I spent nearly two and a half hours at the studio, sort of messing up my day., and again making me feel further like I had strayed off course. Then I had quite a bit of reorganising my unit as some furniture was to go the following morning.

Plans Change – Trying to get back on course.

I had expected the guys to arrive to move the furniture at 7.30 am.  I was all dressed ready to go to a friend’s place (business meeting), and a bit concerned about the late arrival, but he came and quickly removed the furniture.  Gone.  So much space now.

I took off like a rocket and managed to get to my meeting only a little late.  Then I had some shopping to do.   Then back home.  Knackered.

MacBook Pro near white open book

Photo by Nick Morrison –

And then I broke my Internet Dongle.  A long story that I won’t bore readers with, but it is all fixed now.  More $$$’s but a new faster system.

So, to catch up with the Ultimate Blog Challenge I am all over the place.  I’ve strayed off my route, and am overwhelmed.  Now I can’t find some of the instructions, so rather than get further behind, I’m trying to catch up with crazy posts.

Do you ever get lost in your work?

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