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About Loneliness (UBC9)

Do you experience loneliness? I think many of us do, especially as we age.  My story about my loneliness may be similar to others, or may not. Let me explain. I was the eldest of the only two in my … Continue reading

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Covid-19 – How Life is Different

The Changes Made by Covid-19 I was in the midst of moving when the restrictions caused by Covid-19 came into action.  Businesses closed, many products were impossible to buy, older people were confined to home, and much more.  It changed … Continue reading

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Do You go to Movies Alone?

UBC – Day 14 It started a long time ago, when doing shift work, that I learned to enjoy my own company when going to the movies alone. Why go to the movies alone? When I look back, it has … Continue reading

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Solo Living Challenges

Solo Living One of the reasons for working on the SoSeW project is that being solo for quite a while, I am learned of the many challenges of living solo. Women generally have more challenges than men – but more … Continue reading

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Challenges of Living Alone – Story from the News

A woman who lived alone was bashed.  Read the Channel 9 News Item here. The story is horrific – an 18 year old male, probably trying to steal to fund a drug habit, bashes a 78 year old woman.  Despite … Continue reading

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