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Planning My Journey to South Australia

Planning for my long trip from Brisbane to Adelaide and back. Continue reading

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End of Autumn

The End of Autumn 2018. It’s the end of Autumn. Winter is coming.  It’s days away.  I love it that I live in Queensland.  Cold weather does not impress me!  I was born in Adelaide and spent the first 18 … Continue reading

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WordPress WordCamp

What a big weekend!  I attended, no, volunteered, at the Brisbane WordCamp held at the QUT City Campus.   I drove up from the Gold Coast in almost record time (well, it certainly was record for me, as other trips … Continue reading

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A Biography Worth Reading

A Biography Worth Reading Just over a week ago, I visited the Wynnum Library to borrow some books.    I had not been in the new building, but had been a regular over four years ago at the old premises. … Continue reading

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I am going to Gaol

I am going to Gaol. I posted this on Facebook yesterday and of course, as I expected there were many comments.  Some folk wanted to know what I had done, other expressed concern, and quite a few guessed I was … Continue reading

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Lost Luggage on Aeroplane

Well, my story is not as disastrous as the one reported today, where an airline lost a suitcase that contained $900,000 cash.  Why would you carry this amount of cash in luggage??? In all my travels, there have only been … Continue reading

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