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Smacking a Naughty Child

Smacking a Child When I was growing up, smacking was the way parents “disciplined” children.  While some parents lost their tempers and hit the child with such force that injuries were caused, I never experienced any injuries.  If we were … Continue reading

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South Korea – A Country of Unhappiness

Reflections on my short time in South Korea, which has a number of issues re unhappiness.
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Safety of Little Children

Missing Boy It was only a few days ago, that I “found” a missing boy.  My understanding is that it was a couple of hours before his parents reported to the police that their toddler could not be located.  That … Continue reading

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Missing Child

UBC – Day 13 Missing Child There’s nothing scarier for a parent or grandparent than to experience a missing child. My grandchildren have grown up now, but some years ago, I experienced the trauma of a lost child.  “A”  was about … Continue reading

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