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Overcoming Loneliness

A few ideas here for those who are lonely, especially women. Continue reading

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What are the Consequences of Loneliness?

Some thoughts on Loneliness – my experience and some information on the consequences.
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The Terrible Treatment of our Senior Citizens

Older people need to be shown more respect.
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Loneliness and Poverty

Poverty can contribute to loneliness. Continue reading

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Is a Tiny House Suitable for a Senior?

What is a Tiny House? I am not convinced that tiny houses are suitable for seniors. What are they? There are several definitions of a tiny house – they are generally small transportable/temporary houses, that are sometimes seen as the … Continue reading

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Pets Are the Key to Wellbeing?

There’s an article about pets being the key to wellbeing in the Body & Soul section of The Sunday Mail today.  I was walking into the newsagent to buy the paper, when I met up with a friend. She told … Continue reading

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