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Bungeworgorai Creek

It is three years since I travelled to Ross River resort to attend Rolling Solo’s event with 499 other women who enjoyed travelling, camping etc. Continue reading

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Working on the New Direction

New Direction Plans As life is returning to normal to some degree, I am working on some plans for the rest of the year. There are a couple of things I want to achieve – one is to set up … Continue reading

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Life Really Has Changed.

2020 will be remembered for the changes the world has had to endure as a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Continue reading

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Australia is Still Open for Business

Australia is Open for Business, as most of the country has not experienced the fires or recent flooding. Come and visit Australia. Continue reading

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Camera Addict – UBC Day 13

I don’t call myself a photographer, but a Camera Addict. I think this is a better explanation for me. I love taking photos, not so much of people but of places. Continue reading

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What Magazines on What Coffee Table? – UBC Day 11

What a challenge to choose a magazine on the coffee table? I don’t have a coffee table and I have no magazines. So, just some words about my once favourite magazine topics. Continue reading

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My Advice on Travelling Solo – UBC Day 5

My Advice Day 5 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge is about giving my advice.  I have had to think hard about that one.  I have done so many things in my life that I could advise on, but two that … Continue reading

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My Blog Niche

I don’t have a Niche for my blog. But it is something that hopefully soon I will be able to set up. Time will tell.
Continue reading

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Silverton – Where I Was in 2012

Silverton – New South Wales It came up on my Facebook today – a reminder that I was in Silverton, New South Wales December in 2012.  It brought back a lot of memories. Over the years our family had driven … Continue reading

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And Next There Was a Visitor

Unexpected Visitor How can you plan for that?  But it does happen to me!  I do tend to get surprises as my friends from China plan to stay with me!  Without warning! I decided last week to change the furniture … Continue reading

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