The Bamboo Houses in Bali

When I checked my email this morning there was an update from TED Talks.  It so thrilled me!

Why? You may ask.  In January 2012, I flew to Bali to do some research on bamboo.  I had a 20,000-word writing exercise for university (My Masters in Writing) to complete by the end of the month.  I had intended to submit another piece of writing, about my life in China, but finding a colleague was doing a similar project (we both taught English in China), I suddenly switched to a project on Bamboo, and after reading all the books I could lay my hands on, and visiting a number of bamboo properties around Queensland, I felt compelled to seek information further afield.  Bali it was!!

In my online research, I had found out about The Green Village, and visited it.  I had stayed in Legian for the first few nights, and on my way to Ubud for my last few nights, I talked my driver and tour guide into taking me to The Green Village.  It was there that I saw the most amazing homes – but sadly was not permitted to take photos!!

While at Ubud I swam a few times in the beautiful pool surrounded by tropical gardens, and I met a man from Holland who told me about TED talks.  Subsequently I became a fan of TED Talks, and have even attended one of their TED Talk events.  I also learned about Mr Hardy, who had been the inspiration behind  The Green School, which sadly I didn’t visit as it was school holidays.  His daughter Elora is involved with The Green Village.

In Bali I visited several bamboo factories and bamboo forests and on return to Australia completed and submitted my assignment.  I am glad to report that it was well received and I did graduate with my Masters.

So why write about this today?  It was in the email this morning – the latest TED Talk. Elora Hardy, daughter of John Hardy, of The Green Village, was the featured speaker talking about the houses being created from bamboo in Bali, in the Green Village.

Please watch this TED Talk.  You will find it awesome.  Click HERE.

Oh, how I wish we could do something like this in Australia.


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