The Beautiful Lotus

Lotus in Flower

It was when I was living in China that I had my first close-up look at Lotus flowers. At the university, there was a beautiful pond near the main entrance of the campus. When you entered the campus from that entrance, you could not miss the huge pond, and in spring, large wooden pots appeared in the lake, and soon the large leaves appeared and then the exquisite flowers.

As they grew, I’d often spend time looking at them and taking photos. It was the first time in my life that I could get up close and personal with the flowers, which to me were so perfect.

I don’t recall having seen them in Australia, but over the years I have found two places where I can visit and see them.

The Beautiful Lotus 1

The Beautiful Lotus 2

The Beautiful Lotus 3

I took the above photos I think in 2008, before I had a better camera. They were in pots in the campus pond.

Where can I find Lotus growing in Australia?

It may surprise readers to learn that the Lotus is native to not only Asia, but Australia and in the far north of the country, they grow wild in some areas, where there is water (rivers, creeks, lakes).

I live in Queensland, and it is difficult to find them here. In fact, it is hard to find a nursery that sells them in this state.

Growing in Queensland

While it should be easy to grow this plant in Queensland (we have the weather and the water) I found it hard to find any.

When I was living in Beachmere, I found them growing in Sandstone Point and often went there to see them. They flowered around November/December/January, and I would often go at that time to see them.

I found another place, at Chandler, where they grow in a pond, off the main road. I’d suggest that few people know about them growing here, but they do well. It’s just on a private property, and I drove past and stopped to take some photos yesterday – not with my good camera, but with my little Samsung, which usually lives in my handbag.

Video on Lotus.

Click on the flower below to see a Video from Burke’s Backyard. I hope I have done this without doing the wrong thing re copyright. It is a lovely video, and the story about Lotus in Australia is great too.

Water Plants – Lotus

Recent Images

The Beautiful Lotus 4

The Beautiful Lotus 5

Photo taken by me.

The beds and new flowers seem absolutely perfect.

Readers, can you find Lotus near where you live?


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