The Best of All

A Visit to Springbrook

What a day!  It really was The Best of All. We have lived in Queensland for around 47 years and I had never visited the Hinze Dam or Springbrook, despite it being only a short distance from the Gold Coast.  I had been staying at Southport for nearly two weeks, “looking after” my son’s unit, garden and on some days my two teenage grandchildren.

One day I decided to go for a drive to Springbrook.  I had a short window of four hours, as my grandson called to ask me to pick him up early.  He had not gone to school but had to work that evening.  It was the first day of his new job.

I headed to Nerang and up the Nerang-Springbrook Road.

The Dam

Along the way, which had thick bushland on both sides of the road, and acreage properties on either side of the road, there was a sign that pointed to the Hinze Dam.  So I turned and went to investigate.

A walkway to the Dam

To the Dam – taken by me

The History of the Hinze family on whose land the Dam was built.

Info along the walk.

There’s a cafe, a lookout and Information Centre near the dam wall, with a view out over the dam.

I walked around taking photos, before departing and heading back along the road to Springbrook.

First Lookout at Springbrook

Photo taken by me

The High Rise Buildings as seen from Springbrook

This was the first lookout that I found.  It was a very cloudy day, but the tall buildings of the Gold Coast were visible in the distance.  Again I was impressed, and after a walk and taking a few photos, it was back to the car and more.

Low on Fuel

I realised I was low on fuel, and that there was nowhere around Springwood to get more fuel.  I watched the gauge and kept my fingers crossed.  As it turns out, I made it safely back to Southport!!

The Best of All Lookout

My next stop was a lookout called “The Best of All Lookout”.  I had to walk through rainforest for quite a distance until I found a most extra ordinary view!  This is what I saw!

From the Best of All Lookout

The view from the Best of All


The walk through the rain forest was interesting.  I could hear rustling in the debris on the forest floor.  Birds?  Lizards? Snakes?  I still don’t know, but I did see some interesting birds including this one

The Best of All 1

I met a bird!

Photo taken by me

Walking in the Rain Forest

It was a great view, though smokey and then a rain cloud approached.

View from The Best of All Lookout

The Rain Cloud Approaches


POSTSCRIPT: As I write this bushfires are ranging through Queensland and New South Wales, with so much bushland tinder dry because of the drought.  I am just hoping that these amazing scenes and wonderful bush animals and birds remain safe.





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