The Big Cheese

Well, another cheese event at the Village.  When I first conjured up the idea of having some classes where we feature “old skills” I had no idea it would go ballistic.  There were two classes – and we have more than filled them!!!

I learned about Mad Millie cheese products and kits some time ago when I attended a class at a kitchenware shop.  I confess I have not made a lot, but will do so more now.

After attending the two classes (as a volunteer helper) I am enthused to do more, so look out here I come.  I have been making yoghurt wit the Easyo products, but keen to use Mad Millie yoghurt products and make my own from scratch and fresh milk.  The teacher, Carla Calisto is a wonderful teacher and yesterday she came dressed for the occasion in period costume.

IMG_6412 IMG_6413 IMG_6410


Everyone seemed to enjoy the morning and loved tasting the cheeses that Carla made.

Meanwhile, I will spend some time in the kitchen trying to make the cheeses she has made!!  I have done it all before but need some practice.

I have been updating my other blog here.


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