Now the Car Boot Sale

April’s Car Boot Sale

Each month there is a Car Boot Sale in town.  The idea is that you can drive in with your car boot full of things you want to sell.   As I am downsizing, it seems like a good idea to me, and I am ready for tomorrow’s event.  At one stage with the weather and damage by cyclone Debbie, it was likely that it be cancelled.  So far, so good.

I won’t be going in my car.  My things will be in Myrtle the Turtle. My Coaster.  I have a number of items I want to sell – or give away. The pot plants are ready to go, and several boxes of items, including some I will give away.  I don’t like trashing things that someone may still be able to use.

With Myrtle I will be able to take extra things in the back of the bus, and I will be able to shelter under the awning.  At least that gives me some practice on using it too.  I’ve never had to erect it.

Now the Car Boot Sale 1

 Updating Myrtle.

Today I bought a few things for my adventure.  One is a camp/tent light with a remote control.  I will be able to lie in bed and turn the light on or off!!

I also bought some fabric dye.  As you can see from the photo, the colour scheme is a bit odd.  The curtains look a rather rust colour – so I am going to see if I can dye them purple.  I’ll test the dye tomorrow after the Car Boot Sale.

Now I know they won’t turn out to be as purple as the cover already on the bed, but might look a bit better.  I have other options – perhaps get new curtains, or sew a fabric over the curtains – fabric that fits in with the colour scheme.  I also bought some netting – and stitched it around the edges – so now have two huge food covers.  Thought that might be helpful.

I keep finding things in the van and re-arranging them.  I have to check that the items are still of value.  For example, if I don’t think I will use it, I will put it in storage.  At least then if I discover that it would be helpful I will be able to retrieve it.

There is a lot of learning to do.  Maybe I will make some money at the Car Boot Sale.

On top of the pressure of packing up, preparing the Coaster and my other tasks, I am doing the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Again.



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