The Course Ends

Hooray – the Course Ends

I’ve not been updating my blog in the past few weeks.  I’ve been too busy.   Back in September 2019, I learned about GAB.  Guided AutoBiography, a method created by Dr James Birren back in the 1970s.  I learned about it when I read a book created by members of the Older Women’s Network in New South Wales.

I spent more time researching the program and contacted the Birren people in the US, and the next course that I could do was on-line at some ungodly hour in the morning.  Some changes were made, and the course started in February, at 5.30 am Queensland time.  I have not missed a class – which takes around 3 hours.  I have found it very exhausting.

What is Next?

I have my last assignment to complete, with quite a bit of homework to do.  Part of it is planning what I am going to do with the information I have learned.  This is ok with me – but I may be moving soon, which makes me hesitate about making commitments.  I don’t know if, or when, or where to, I will be moving.

When will I be able to start giving The Course?

I have done some homework on doing some presentations that I might call “Life Story Writing”.

An Old Business

Quite a few years ago, I had a business that I closed after a short time because I had other commitments.  I called it “The Official Biographer” and had the name registered in Queensland.  I think the name is still available, but I am undecided about using it.  But I can’t find another name I like either.  Will I or Won’t I?


University of the Third Age – U3A – at Beachmere may give me the opportunity to do an introductory session there, but there is a process.  I have completed the document and will continue to negotiate with them.

MBRC Libraries

Several years ago I ran some Blogging Workshops for the library at Caboolture, so I am hoping to link with them again.  There are many libraries in the MBRC region, so there may be an opportunity there.

I am happy to run some courses from my home – but until I move, I can’t decide on that.

I have also spoken with some Neighbourhood Centres and there are possibilities with these organisations, but just more work to do.


I was planning to go to China and was considering how/when/if I could do a course there, but the Corona Virus has put paid to that. Or I could do it online.  I suspect I need to do the promotion in person, so that’s on the back-burner for now.

open book on top of several stacked books

Write your story – Your book.

Other Groups

I do have a commitment to do a presentation in October, with a writing group of which I am a member, but I will need to organise these over the next few months.  Several people have expressed interest, so I will have to work through the process.

International Women’s Day

My diary has two dates set aside for me to speak about my China Adventures, China’s celebration of IWD and the story of Qiu Jin, regarded as one of China’s first feminists.  Qiu lived in Shaoxing for a while and there is a Museum in her honour there.  I visited the Museum in 2016, but can’t find the photos from that day.

Qiu Jin - China's Feminist

Qiu Jin – check her story on Wikipedia

Preparing the speech and the PowerPoint Presentation and trying to negotiate a new computer has given me added stress this week, so I hope I can complete all the tasks required of me.

New HP Laptop

I have been freaking out for weeks about getting a new computer, and eventually, I did.  Not the normal brand I would go for, but there were some features that I liked.   It’s not all sorted yet but I am already impressed.  Thanks to WiFi much of it was automatic, and I have been able to do quite a bit with it rather quickly.


I wonder, Dear Reader if you would be interested in attending a GAB Course in the near future?  It may be that you are keen to find out more, so a free introductory course might work for you.  The Courses will be held around the Brisbane area – northside or bayside south.  Leave your details and I will let you know when information is available.



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