The Domineering Man

He was such a rude and domineering man, who sat nearby and bullied his wife.

I went to a sporting event yesterday, where Number One Granddaughter was performing. I arrived early as I was at a nearby function and had arranged to meet her at the sporting field.

Not long after I arrived a couple arrived and sat about 3 seats away from me in the grandstand.   It didn’t take long to learn that the lovely lady was being bullied.  Non-stop the man (I presume her husband) criticised her, corrected her, demeaned her.  At times I felt like intervening and telling him he was a bully, but wisely kept out of it.

Despite his arrogant and super superior manner he was not perfect.  When a voice came over the public address system advising that a certain car had its lights on, risking losing the power in the car battery, he hastened to turn them off.

At one stage the lady went for a walk (to “the ladies” I presume).  I heard a shrill loud whistle from the man – it pieced the whole sports ground I think it was so loud.  He then shouted at her that she was “going the wrong way”.  She quietly replied that she was going to look at something. In any case, he berated her.  She attempted to take photos of a grandchild who was competing, but he would talk over her, and each time he spoke his sentences were filled with critical words.  Oh, how I wished I could whack him and safe her from this bully.  He just dominated her, bullied her, spoke to her in a demeaning manner.

Love Honour and Obey

She and I are in the age group that promised to “love, honour and obey” when we were married.  Our husband was to be the most important person in the relationship.  No equality at all.  So many women have told me tales of the life they had to endure.  Many of course, “escape” – divorce or similar.

The worst of these men appear to be those that when in the workforce were the “boss”, the manager, the senior person.  On retirement, they still need to be “in charge” and treat their wife as the “staff” to be obeyed.  I don’t know anything about the bully that sat near me yesterday, but I could see in the lady’s eyes that she was not happy.   Worse, I thought, was that his demeaning conversation could be heard by all around them.

I guess, at their age, that she is most likely to just put up with it.  Leaving a spouse, at that age, would be so hard to do.

The Domineering Man 1

The Peaceful Lotus Garden

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