The Family Writing Competition

UBC Day 9

The Family Writing Competition

I created a family writing competition.  I wasn’t going to post about it, but since sending the details to the four potential entrants, and hearing the stories from their parents, I thought it worth a post. It made me quiet laugh.

There are four grandchildren.  Aged between 17 and a half, down to 12 years of age.  They are all very smart, talented young people – three of them top in their chosen sports, and all are somewhat academic!

Three have birthdays in December, so I have to be clever with gifts.  I usually give them some money as well as some item that I hope they will enjoy.  This year, I gave all four, money, writing paper and fountain pens.

Mmmm.  No great jumping around with enthusiasm, though some nice comments.

Entry Form

Two weeks later I sent them an entry form for the competition.


  1. Entries must be at least 50 words long, and no more than 100 words, handwritten using a fountain pen, and posted to DeeDee, PO Box xxx Beachmere, 4510 by January 31st, 2018. You can use lined paper to write your entry. There is no need to do illustrations.
  2. Entrants must have the surname of xxxx or xxxx, and be under 18 years of age.
  3. Entries will be judged by an independent judge.
  4. Topics are free choice, can be in the form of a letter or a story.
  5. Write your initials only on the bottom of the page. (I think I should be able to determine the writer, but the judge will not know.)  Do not put your name on your entry.
  6. It is National Handwriting Day on January 23rd, 2018.

(ps  The grandchildren call me Dee Dee)

Too Many Rules

One of the first “complaints” that has been forwarded to me is that there are too many rules.  I laugh.  My reply was that often for a writing competition there are more rules than I have stipulated.

Number two granddaughter is going to “joke” with me and write 101 words.  I have explained that she just might get disqualified for not following the rules, and since there are two prizes of money, the joke will be on her.

The Family Writing Competition 1




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