The Glass Fairy

The Tales of the Glass Fairy

I don’t know how long I have had the glass fairy or even where she came from.  I am surprised I haven’t broken her in all those years too.  But she was something that this grandma (called DeeDee) had a lot of fun with when the children were small.

Now, I have no memories of how it happened, but I must have had a grandma moment and saw the potential for this little

I bought a garden ornament, something like an Asian temple about 9 inches high, which I put in a pretty corner of my garden.  Then I took photos of the fairy, which I called Tottie, and then hid her.  (Leaving her in the garden was not safe for her!).


Tottie the Glass Fairy taken with OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My first grandchild was born in 2000, and of course, celebrated her 21st birthday this year. She was probably around two years old when she learned of Tottie. For years, when she and later her little sister visited me, they would always go first into the garden to look for Tottie. Tottie was never to be seen and it did frustrate them.

My reasoning is that if I had allowed them to play with this glass fairy, she possibly would not have survived, but here it is nearly 22 years later and she is well and happy (and unbroken).

Where is Tottie, the Glass Fairy?

For probably ten years, I had adventures with Tottie. I would take Tottie and my camera into their bedrooms when they were at Day Care or school and show them photos of Tottie playing with their Toys.

At the time we had a Gerbera Flower Farm, and Tottie often went into the “hothouse” and played with the flowers. There was photographic evidence, but never was Tottie herself found.

She also appeared in some books that I created for grandchildren, but none of the four of them had seen her “in person”, until recently. The two grandchildren who live on the Gold Coast did not have a great relationship with Tottie. Sadly.

The Tottie Glass Fairy Cards

I have been interested in “kindness” probably all my life and supported the movement Random Acts of Kindness.  These days I create cards with my photos on them, and I give them away. Randomly. It’s funny because some of my photos are award-winning ones (not major awards!) and when I visit friends and others, there is often one of the cards on display. They love them and keep them.

Usually, they are photos of my travels – around Australia, UK, China or South Korea, though few of the latter country. Local photos work well too. I put the cards and envelope in a cello bag, and when I give them away, I often ask them to send the card with a kind message to someone in need.

Today I created ten new cards. On the front is Tottie. The photo above is on the front of the cards, which are yet to be moved into the cello bags. Will do it when the glue has dried properly. But I am pleased with my cards, and this week will give them away. I get the photos at Officeworks.  I walk in with a range of photos on a USB stick and then process them myself, send them to the printer and take them home (after paying, of course – 10 cents each!)

Tottie’s Story

I am pondering putting a little story in each card about the mysterious Tottie and my grandchildren. Will probably do it tomorrow. Tottie’s influence continues.

Tottie Cards

Tottie Cards and envelopes

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