The Greatist Showman

Wonderful Greatist Showman

I can’t even remember when I saw the film, starring Australian actor, Hugh Jackman, but I know the movie  “The Greatest Showman” made a big impact on me.  I loved every moment of it all, and I react when I hear the music.  I sometimes sing along with the music – I loved the music, the dancing and the story.

Many of us knew some of the story of the Barnum and Bailey circus which P T Barnum created.  We may not have known a lot about the circus but we knew the name.  It was created in the 1800’s and the movie is “loosely” based on his life.

P T Barnam was certainly a very talented and creative fellow, and you can read some of his history here.

Costumes and Personalities

I am aware that there were some critics who did not like the movie, and I don’t care for their comments.  The music is wonderful, and the dancing and singing I enjoyed.  Every time I hear the songs I feel happier.  I liked it that the characters portrayed in the film were not “ordinary” people.  It was how circuses were in the early days.


Movie at the Library

Suddenly I have an urge to see the whole movie again.  It is available at the library, so when I have completed today’s tasks I will head to the library to get it.  I will be able to watch it a few times before it is due to be returned.

My feet are already tapping in anticipation.

group of people dancing

Looks like rehearsal for The Greatest Showman

Did you see the movie?

(UBC 23)

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