The Homeless

I don’t recall seeing homeless people.  It was not common to see such folk around Australia, although it did depend where you went.  In any one of our cities in Australia you may have seen some if you ventured there at night time.  Something I didn’t do.

Homeless in Los Angeles 2005

In 2005 I was in Los Angeles, USA, only for a few days and what I saw shocked me.  There were homeless people in many places.  Beggars approached me for money on several occasions.  It was very confronting for me – especially as I was travelling alone.  I remember going on a train to Long Island, and from the train windows seeing the people and their cardboard box “homes” under bridges.

It has become more common in Australian cities to see folk with all their belongings during daytime now, and more at night.

My Temporary Solution – House sitting.

For a few years there has been a lot of media about homelessness.  It is a topic close to my heart as I am now homeless – though not the street sleeping sort of homelessness.  I have a 1983 Toyota Coaster that I spend time in – that is my home.  However, I house sit for people who go overseas or on holiday in Australia, so am fortunate to have a good roof over my head, and often facilities that I could only dream of owning.  A marriage breakup a few years ago, sent me into this situation.

Two television stations have featured me and my story.  My work these days is working to shake up our governments here in Australia.  There is not enough affordable housing and senior solo women are a group suffering more than most.

The Royal Wedding

The Homeless 1

Photo by Tim Mossholder @timmossholder

The media at the moment is discussing the homeless around Windsor Castle, where the next royal wedding will be held next year.  Many folk want them removed.  What a good idea!!!!   However, I don’t think many are seeking the same solution that I would be.  Find them good homes!!!

Finland has solved the problem of Homelessness

I love what Finland has done.  You can read about it here.

There was an article about what Australia could learn about Finland’s solution to homelessness.  Read it here.

I am working with a group to provide co-housing, like this one in the UK.  Check it out here.

So this is my project for 2018!!!!
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