Working on the New Direction

New Direction Plans

As life is returning to normal to some degree, I am working on some plans for the rest of the year.

There are a couple of things I want to achieve – one is to set up and run two or three GAB (Guided Autobiography) Courses, and one is to drive to Port Augusta in South Australia and on to Beltana in Wilpena Pound.  It is a distance of close to 5000 kms round trip.  Doable for me who is used to driving long distances.

Of course I will continue my work with the housing and writing organisations to which I am committed.  No doubt that is all enough to keep me busy.

Of course on my long trip I will have my Olympus Camera, as I am now spending time doing Macro photography, which I will add to my travel pics.

In the Garden

Even weeds have pretty flowers.

Taken with my Olympus

Can you see the tiny bug on the bud?

Which Direction – Turn Left or Right?

With the Covid 19 Virus Rules and Regulations changing regularly it is hard to know what to do, and we all know that if an outbreak of the virus occurs anywhere the rules will go back to the start and lockdown.

My Days are Full

It seems like we are all busier than in pre-Covid Days?  I must say I am all over Zoom – over, in that I am sick of it.  I seem to spend so much time on Zoom Calls and Meetings that I am now deliberately missing some.  I’ve had a few medical appointments, and men coming to fix things.  Today (June 1) it was the washing machine, which has played up since I moved.    Now fixed and not too expensive.

Today the skies are overcast – cloudy, though mid afternoon the sun has shaken off the clouds and peeped out.  It’s too late for me – my mood is set by the lack of sun early in the day.  I fail to get enthused about my “to do list” when it is cloudy.  Bring on the sunshine for me.

Weekend Notes

I’ve written for Weekend Notes for several years, but with the chaos, (Virus, Move, Health etc) of 2020, I’ve not done much, but are back in action again.  Well, at least one article, and two more about to be posted.

Working on the New Direction 1

Orchids in the Florist Shop

Yesterday I visited two shops at Redcliffe.  Oddly enough I had driven past on many occasions and not stopped.  The coffee place, Coffee Cups on Victoria and the Redcliffe City Florist right next door.  Both are such awesome places that I will visit again.

With so many places in lock-down I thought it best to wait until life started to return to normal so, with the changes, I am out with my camera and note book again.  If any writer or want-to-be-writer is interested in writing and earning a few dollars for their work, just go here and find out more. (Quote my name or ID number – 199539 –when signing up, and I’ll be able to assist you.

Next Steps – the Right Direction

I have a list and a draft business plan, and I am working my way through the many things (some only small) that I need to do over the next couple of weeks.  Slowly, measured.  Take time out to smell the roses and see what else is going on in the world.

Let’s hope things go according to plan and I don’t get too many challenges along the way.  Now, I’ve almost done my work for the day, so time to put my feet up, somewhere.

How’s your life during the Covid Virus rules?


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