Helping a Butterfly

Helping a Butterfly

I love butterflies and have on occasions visited Butterfly exhibits in Singapore International Airport and the Bribie Island (Queensland).  At Bribie I had two of my grandchildren visiting with me – but it was a while ago.  I must visit again one day.

But this story is about a butterfly I met last week.  I went to the Library in Wynnum to collect a book that I had ordered a few weeks earlier and had received advice that it had arrived in the Library.

I was carrying a handbag and another bag as I was on my way to the supermarket.  I was waiting at the lift and happened to see a beautiful butterfly flapping in a corner of some windows, clearly trying desperately to get out into the fresh air.  It had no hope as it had somehow found its way into the corner and there was no easy escape.

Shuffling the book and bags into my left hand, I reached for the butterfly and holding its wings together as kindly as I could, I picked it up and, as the lift arrived I walked in, still holding the exhausted butterfly and as the lift descended to the ground floor I spoke to the butterfly, telling it I was trying to save it.

It didn’t flap or move – I think it was somewhat exhausted from its failed attempts to escape through the window.

Where would I put the butterfly?

As I tried to balance the things in my left hand, keeping my eyes on my new friend, I suddenly had to work out what I was going to do with it, and walked out onto the footpath.  Then I saw, just 10 feet away, some bushes and I quickly walked towards them.  Carefully I placed the butterfly on the bush, and watched to see what it did.

Helping a Butterfly 1

The Butterfly rests.

For a few seconds, it just remained still.  I had a feeling it was exhausted.  I can’t recall what I said, but I did speak to it.  I wished it well and told it to hide amidst the leaves.  Then I watched it slowly creep lower into the bush.

I was able to take out my phone and take a few quick pictures of it – even getting a glimpse of its beautiful wings.  Then I left, feeling very good about my good deed.

I hope it is now safe and happy.  I know I will never see it again, but I will remember it as long as my memory holds.

taken with PixelA Camera.

Goodbye Butterfly. Stay safe.



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