The Return of the Handkerchief

Will the handkerchief return?

I wonder if the handkerchief will return? I am of the vintage, that remembers the days before tissues for blowing one’s nose, or wiping away tears.  In those days everyone carried handkerchiefs.  What is a handkerchief you might ask? says a handkerchief is

“a piece of linen, silk, or other fabric, usually square, and used especially for wiping one’s nose, eyes, face, etc., or for decorative purposes.”

In my younger days, there were no Kleenex or other tissues.  We used “hankies”.  Before one left home, Mum would check that we had what we might need, and that included hankies.  Girls usually had small square ones, usually cotton, and sometimes with some decoration.

Men would have larger white ones, often with blue or brown patterns on them, neatly folded and kept in a pocket.

Are they going to come back into use again?  According to some media, they are.  It is so that we have less waste.  I personally am not sure what is best – the disposal of used tissues (which are made from timber or bamboo and recyclable), or the use of reusable handkerchiefs that require washing.  To be fair they don’t take up much space in the washing machine!  What is best for the environment?

Fashion Statement

Handkerchief as a Fashion Item by Dane Deaner from

Crochet and Hankies

I learned how to crochet in my late teens and even went to classes a few years later.  I loved doing the edges of hankies and used to give them as gifts.  Usually, it was white cotton that I used to create a simple pattern around the edge of the square. Sometimes I used a pale blue thread.

There are still some that I have kept and my favourite, a hankie with a blue crocheted edge fell apart last year, much to my sorrow.  As a result of the discussion on hankies, I think I will source some, and some purple thread and do some edging.  Maybe my friends and family will get one for Christmas this year. Then I can boast that I have helped the handkerchief return!

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