The Tiny House Concept

Readers will probably know that I have the occasional rant about renting – and the issues I have with my no-so-helpful real estate agent. The rent is due to increase – and I will be financially struggling. I long for another option but with little money, and being on my own, I don’t have a lot of options, or so I thought.  I have considered living in a caravan, but that’s not what I want either.  Maybe I have found the solution.  I found “Tiny Houses”, and I am exploring what is on offer.

A family member has discussed with me a “granny flat” on her property – but as they are not sure they will be staying there “for ever” I can imagine putting all the time, effort and money into a granny flat only to have to move (without it possibly) if they move on.  I have recently learned that “tiny houses” are different.  They are not set into the ground to make them permanent.  Yes, they are tiny (benefit – little housework!) and can be transported.

I figure on the rent that I pay now, I could pay off a tiny house in a few years.  Something that would be a great coup.

First of all I need to find someone with land on which to “park” my tiny house, and I have already discussed with some friends who live on acreage the idea of me creating this tiny house and parking it on their properties.  One is a single woman who would (a) like the company and (b) benefit greatly from a payment that I could make for the “rental” of the property and as wll I could be of assistance in other ways e.g. look after her property when she wanted to spend time away on holidays or business.  The other lady is often on her own as her husband is a FIFO.  And still I have other contacts to discuss it with.

First of all I need to get my house.  I am meeting with builders tomorrow and will explore the use of a shipping container to use as the base for my house.  I am collecting information – design ideas, names of builders, shipping container contacts etc etc and over the next few weeks will start to put my plan into action.  If and when I am comfortable with my idea, I will set about putting it into action.


I don’t want to go too crazy and get something so small that it is uncomfortable and will want most of the facilities I have at the moment.  I like the “pod” above, but it looks like it would be too small for me.  I would want a deck too, and solar panels for electricity.

There is certainly a lot to consider and I will be keen to make it my last home.

I also have thoughts that this idea, if developed could be the answer for many of my older friends who are struggling with the high rent.  If one lives in a semi-rural area, it could provide a range of benefits.  Low cost transportable housing could benefit many people plus communities in the country where they are in need of more people.  I am thinking of a small country town, whose people are moving away, who could offer space for folk with tiny houses to “rent” the space, and the land owner could reap the financial benefit of extra income.  I wonder.

Another design that has been sent to me is this.

I will report in a couple of days on the progress of my venture, but I am finding myself quite enthused about the ideas that are coming to me.


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