The Travelling Lettuce

Lettuce Alone

Sometimes my friends and I laugh about the challenges of living alone and buying food, and one of the foods is lettuce.  If one lives on one’s own and buys a fresh lettuce, one feels like we have to eat lettuce every day or waste some of it.  It’s just one of the items we purchase and need to share.

Grow Your Own Lettuce

If you live in a house or ground floor unit with a little garden space, it is easy to buy a punnet of lettuce seedlings and plant them and just “harvest” a few leaves when you need it.  But I live in an upstairs apartment with no access to a garden area.  So I put in my thinking cap.  I bought a smallish rectangular planter box, and planted six lettuce seedlings, along with some parsley.  And it grew and helped me solve my lettuce problem.

I am lucky in that as a child I had parents that grew lots of fruit and vegetables, so I feel I have a bit of the “gardening gene”!  My lettuce responded beautifully.  If you have not done it, you might find some useful information here.

Growing Lettuce in a pot.

The Travelling Lettuce

Then I had a request to “house sit” for my son, over 100 kms away.  What about my pot plants?  My lettuce?  I didn’t have anyone here to water the plants, so I made a plan.  The orchids would be ok until I returned, some plants I put in a plastic box with a lid.  I watered them just before I left and covered the box with the lid, leaving a little space for air.

Lettuce Travels

The lettuce in its box came with me to the Gold Coast and sat out in the open in my son’s garden for the nearly two weeks that I was there.  I remembered to load them into the car before I returned home. The lettuces, with the companion parsley, are back at their “home” again.

So, I wonder, how many growing lettuces have travelled?

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