The Worst Christmas

Christmas 2019 will go down as The Worst Christmas

It is four days away from the special day which is supposed to be happy and merry.  I know every year that many people do not enjoy Christmas. It can be health, finances, family issues, a death in the family or similar will make the day one to remember for the wrong reasons.

This year though Australia will suffer perhaps one of its very worst.  With so many fires burning up the country, so many people have lost homes, loved ones, animals, all their belongings, and much more.  Right now they would be receiving emergency support.  But it will never be enough.  How do they start their lives all over?  How do they get back to some normality?

There are Many Tears…

I don’t want to watch the news on television or hear it on the radio, but how do you know what is happening if you don’t?  I cry. I’ve cried many tears. It is so hard to watch – and learn the horrid details of this worst Christmas.  There’s nothing much I can do.  And it is not finished.  Some families will probably be fighting fires on the day Santa is visiting others.  Family celebrations will be hard to experience.  So many people have no home to go to, no car to drive, no memorabilia to cherish.

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Me Meeting Santa on the train

Community Support

I know that at a local level, these people who are suffering so much will be supported by their communities.  I suspect when the fires are out, and when the festive season has ended there will be no doubt major efforts throughout the country to give more support.

But I expect that the suffering will continue for a long time.  Even Christmas for these people will never be the same, as memories of this horrific time in their lives will be remembered.

So, we will think of those who have suffered as our Season’s Celebrations continue.  We so hope the fires stop and that good rains follow.  Australia needs it.

If anyone wishes to donate to help the victims, you can do so with Red Cross.  Click here to go to the website and donate.


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