The Year for Publishing

What writer doesn’t have a few almost finished or indeed finished projects languishing in their computer? I am one of these.  I have every excuse for not going ahead with publishing – not happy with it, needs more work, not yet, etc.  The truth is I am scared of publishing my work.  I am happy to blog and have thousands read my words in Hub Pages, Blogger, here on WordPress, and many more spaces but I just can’t make that vital move to really call myself a writer, author – a published writer, author.

So it is with fear and trepidation that I commit to doing just that in 2015.  After all – I do have things ready or near ready.  And I am not getting any younger.  Even my daughter has complained about not reading anything I have written after she saw my certificate for Second Prize in the annual Society of Women Writers Queensland‘s recent competition. The “Article” section.

It was funny as it was the first time I had not attended the announcement of winners and presentation of certificates and I only learned of my win a couple of days later when fellow members congratulated me on Facebook.  The certificate and cheque arrived a day or two later.

I was proud, pleased with myself – in fact the article and the win inspired another work. Darn, that’s what happens to me – I always dream up another story to write, without really finishing the last one, or the one before.  But, I have written a couple of pieces for the new work – a collection of short stories on a particular them, plus I have listed a range of additional pieces I can write and put it aside while I finish something else.

Then yesterday I woke up with another story in my head and I just had to write it.  8,500 words later it is ready and I am just waiting to hear from my “Critical Friend” so that I can ask her to read it and comment for me.  I always find this scary and I (like other writers) don’t like criticism.

If she thinks it is worthwhile I will put it on Amazon as a Kindle eBook as a few weeks ago I spent three hours on a Webinar learning the skills I need to develop to make a successful eBook.  I wonder if this one is it.

Meanwhile I get on with doing my other “work” volunteering, and keeping myself and my house in good nick.

Here are some more of my photos from my beach walk yesterday at Beachmere, Queensland.


Crabs make balls of sand – tiny crabs dig out holes to hide rolling tiny balls of sand.


Another creature hides in the sand.


Tiny shell crawling around on the water’s edge.

(Read my rant on Smoking Cigarettes and Drugs)

My plan for 2015 includes publishing at least three of my works!!!!  Now, to put the plan into action.

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