The Little Bird

Lessons for a Little Bird

Can you see the little bird?

The little bird hides.

I heard the noisy birds – no wonder they call them Noisy Miners.  The parents flew to it and then flew away – each time bringing some tiny morsel for the baby to ear.  The little bird looked quite relaxed and wandered a short distance along the branch, and then back again.  The parents kept a close eye on it, as they sourced food items in the garden.  Can you see the bird in the photo above?

When I came close to the baby bird with my camera, it appeared unconcerned.

Noisy miner.

Stepping out (just a bit).

It carefully stepped along the branch of the plant – almost unconcerned about me and my camera.  I was hoping I was not scaring the little bird – but it seemed to ignore me.

The little bird takes baby steps

Bravely stepping out.

The Little Bird Flies and Hides

Sadly I couldn’t get any pics of its next action.  It flew into some branches and I couldn’t see it, and then minutes later it bravely flew again, ending up on the lawn mids the rubbish of the gum leaves and bark that covers the lawn.  Then it flew again, this time up into a tree, hiding in the plants.

Here I am.....

It’s OK – here I am.

The adult birds closed in and appeared to be giving it words of encouragement and it flew again, getting some height, and soon disappeared into other trees in the garden.

I am glad I managed to see the little bird explore the garden under the watchful eyes of the parent birds.  So pleased that I could get some photos without scaring it.

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