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Invisible Women – The Book

I don’t know how I found it – just good luck when I saw information on the book Invisible Women. I think I was just wandering around in Google.  Being a bit of a feminist, when I saw the title I had to explore a little more, and I read quite a bit about author Caroline Criado-Perez.  Then I just had to “get” the book.  I am on a waiting list at the library – a lot of women found it before me!!  So I tried it on Audible. 

Audible was on my phone but I’d never used it.  So I thought I’d try it.  I am perhaps a third of the way through the book and am pleased that I listened to it, as there’s quite a lot of information about the bias against women.  Eventually, I will have the book from the library.  I will compare – the written word or audiobook?


The book was published earlier this year (2019) and it has taken only a short while to reach us here in Australia.  Caroline has done a lot of research on the bias against women, something that we women experience almost every day.  So much in the workforce, but so many other ways too.

I have watched some videos with Caroline.  Here is one that readers might find interesting.

Another article I found about the book is here.   I will be watching over the next few months to see/hear/read any stories on the book.  It doesn’t seem to have “hit” the media here yet.

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