Time Flies Even When It is Not Fun

It is hard to believe that I have a month has passed since I posted here.  Yes, a lot has happened and it has not all been fun.  How time flies.

Moving is No Fun

I had decided to move out of my unit at Beachmere.  There were several issues – with no good neighbours I felt isolated.  The rent was going up and up, and affordability was an issue.  I bought a campervan to live and travel in while I worked out my future.  Then I (along with thousands of other Aussies), was troubled by a cold.  I was only feeling sick for a few days, but a dry cough lingered and I felt lethargic.

Twice I attempted to go away in the van, and both times had mechanical problems.  Nothing big, but big enough to stop me reaching my destination.  Repairs were done – thankfully not expensive ones, but I am yet to learn how to manage the van.

I was planning to live in the van but was asked at the last minute to house sit at Clayfield (inner city Brisbane), which I enthusiastically accepted.  A place I was familiar with.  With a cranky cat.  A story for another time.

There was a Writers Festival, and then some other events – I was committed for photography and other duties.

Packing up was hard to do.  I gave away many items and sold quite a bit too.  I felt in a state of chaos throughout.  On the day of the move, it was more than chaos as I wasn’t quite ready.  I thought I was, but there were still things to do.

The removalists were good at getting things out of the house, but I wasn’t impressed when I saw what they did in the storage shed.  Even though it was nearly 3 weeks ago, I have not been able to access some important things.  They put the bed in the front of the shed – preventing access to things behind.

Time Flies Even When It is Not Fun 1

My Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day and More

Mothers Day, daughter’s birthday, ex-husband’s visits to hospital and doctors and catching up with friends, meetings and writing.

This weekend I can catch up a little.  I am well behind with writing.    Slowly though, things are working out.

I’m still unsure where I will be living in the future, but I have a house sit for a few weeks until mid-June, and another in July on the Gold Coast, and all being well I head off for Alice Springs on August 1st.



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