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When Will I Travel Australia Again?

Covid 19 has changed things for every one.  It has “clipped our wings” making travel challenging or impossible or just complicated.  At the beginning of 2020, we were all looking forward to a “Happy New Year” but for many it was anything but.

I had rather vague plans – one was to go back to China for my last farewell.  I thought that my future travel plans would be difficult as I had a few health problems and was getting “older and bolder” that I may not enjoy the travel as I had previously done.


Katherine, NT

Visiting NT

As well, I thought I’d drive down to Adelaide too, with a detour to the north of South Australia to visit some historic places connected to ancestors.   But it was not to be.

China No Longer Friendly to Aussies

As I write this I am aware of the terrible relationship developing around the world with China.  Australia and the USA are just two of the countries involved in the argie-bargie. Some Chinese don’t feel safe coming to Australia, and I would not feel safe going to China.  So I say goodbye to China electronically.

Only yesterday, walking in Brisbane city, a group of Chinese people approached me, asking me to sign a petition to end the Chinese Communist Party.  The brochure had some rather difficult to read stories about the actions of this “most bloodthirsty terrorist organization in the world.” I certainly have concerns about the behaviour of the Chinese government.  I don’t think a petition in Australia is going to make any changes.  Perhaps only make Australians more aware of some of the disturbing stories.

Anyway, for me, it is Goodbye China.

Will I travel Australia again?

I have a route already mapped out, with mileages (for I will only drive around 300 km a day), and places to stop overnight.  It is around 2000 km if I go via Broken Hill.  If I stick to plan A – it means overnighting about 6 nights.   Doable.  However, I have a plan to drive to Port Augusta from Peterborough and going on to Wilpena Pound.

The Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted, so I can go, though I am not keen to drive in the heat of summer.  It will be a long hot drive.  Maybe I will wait until nearer the end of summer.

Previous Trips

We drove to Adelaide or Melbourne often, especially when our offspring were little.  We used to set off, usually on a Friday afternoon about 3 pm, and I would have made a “pasty pie” which we would eat at Warwick, before settling the little ones down to sleep overnight.  On occasions,w it was in the back of the station wagon.

Ian would drive for most of the night, and I kept awake.  I never liked driving overnight, as I was concerned about hitting a kangaroo or other animal.  We never did. It was my turn to drive from around 3 am.  I loved this time – still wary of animals, but soon I could watch the sunrise.

We’d often do the trip in around 24 hours.

Preparation for a Long Drive.

On reading this article I must acknowledge that we didn’t prepare as much as is recommended.  I thought that with two adults we’d be okay.  But I have made long trips on my own in the last 10 years.  I drove my Mitsubishi Lancer around Australia in 2012/13, and certainly didn’t have a male to help, but all was well.

In 2017 when I drove the Toyota Coaster to Central Australia, I certainly was not well prepared but the only vehicle issues I had, I was in a town.  But I certainly think there is good advice here. 





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