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I hate getting bogged down with all the things that I put my hand up to do!!  The last few months have been quite a trial.  I have had to endure some major computer and Internet problems – created by my Internet Service Provider going bust and leaving me in the lurch. The new company caused major problems and I had three people trying to solve the issues for me including one guy who deleted all my programs on my computer.  I am still getting them back, but by and large I am well and truly back to some sort of normality.

Then I dropped my cellphone in the lake.  I did know that it was not well, before that incident, but the water didn’t help, so I had to buy another one.  I don’t like plans, so I buy them, and I had to buy it in a hurry as I don’t have a landline and it was my only contact with the outside world.  I chose to buy another Galaxy4 Samsung.  Identical, the girl said.  It may be physically, but the new apps nearly sent me spare as I tried to learn the new one’s and download them.  It took a while and everyone and then I remember one that I had previously used and decide whether I want it again.

In the midst of all that I chose to buy a Samsung tablet – and had to learn that.  All the while I was trying to catch up on an amazing workload.

In the midst of learning the new devices, I discovered an App called “To Do List” – which I downloaded onto my tablet.  Wow!!  Has it made life easy for me.  It’s funny as I am a big “To Do List” person – usually have a notepad, but am finding this one great.  It is called the Ultimate To Do List but I have not upgraded to the “Ultimate” bit.

It has made me more organised and freed me up to do some writing.  I’m actually going “great guns” on some work that I am keen to finish.

I went to Adelaide for the Adelaide Writer’s Festival – though only spent one morning there.  Just a couple of days in my home city, and then back to Brisbane.

I am working on a program for doing Oral Histories – have done a couple of interviews and am planning to get out and about to promote it.  More work to do.

Life’s great.




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