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UBC Challenge for July 25th was to discuss a time when we took a trip.  I am a frequent taker of trips, and I have one coming up.  I will share my planning  tips.  I take long trips and short trips.  In Australia I drive or fly to places.  Travelling overseas is by plane.  I have been to China twice in the last 8 months – but do not plan to go there in the short term, and maybe not at all. Time will tell.

customs house

Customs House Goondiwindi

I love driving.  I have a new car and am planning to take a 6000 km journey, which will take me from Brisbane down to Canberra, and then on to Melbourne. From Melbourne, I will travel on the Spirit of Tasmania across the sea to Tasmania, and return the same way a week or so later, and from Melbourne travel via the coast road to Adelaide, and back to my home via the near centre of Australia.  It requires some planning.

I do a lot of planning. I have an itinerary.  I have calculated the distance between the major towns that I intend to stay.  I like to drive around 400 kms a day, and as on this trip I will be researching articles for, it will take about 6 hours to do such a distance.  I have explored travel websites and magazines to determine my preferred sites to visit and to stay.  I seldom book in advance because I don’t know for sure how my day’s travel will work out.  (This is my usual modus operandi).  I have a calendar page which I have written notes on, and will take with me.

Lists are essential – and I start weeks before the departure date listing things that I want to take.  Computer, cables, cameras, cables, Two way radio, batteries, picnic set, fold up chair, food box, cooler, and so on.  I have a box near the kitchen in which I place things (usually food) and other smaller items.

Lunch times I usually have a meal replacement – so I have a stack of packets of OptiSlim or similar.  I don’t like to waste time finding food to eat, so in the days just before I leave I top up with bottles of water, fruit, nuts etc.   I take my own home-made muesli, and small UHT packets of milk.  I can, of course, top up my foodstuffs as I travel, but I like to have the basics ready to go.


My Lists include:

  • food and water
  • snacks
  • computer, tablet and cables
  • cameras, tripod, cables, flash light,
  • fold up chair
  • picnic set (plates, glasses)
  • picnic rug
  • fold up bike, helmet, lock
  • coat (am going to Tasmania)
  • Clothes and toiletries, medications
  • itinerary
  • hat, sunscreen, insect repellant
  • high vis vest
  • Two-way radio
  • phone/update phone numbers
  • wifi toggle
  • Kindle
  • pens and journal

I am forever spending nights away from home, so packing my suitcase is usually no problem, it is always partly packed anyway.

I do keep in touch with my family – thank goodness for mobile phones and the Internet!!

One item I will take with me on this occasion, is my electric bike.  It is small and folds up and goes into the boot/trunk of my car.  One thing on my agenda is to ride my bike around Dubbo Zoo.

Every detail is listed in my notes.  I check that I have the required phone numbers – am connecting with friends along the way.  Medications are important to me.  I check that I have adequate for my stay, plus some.

My car is important, so I usually take time to check everything – tyres, water, oil etc, but with a new car I expect all will be well, though I will peep under the bonnet!!

As I am taking my car, I will not be restricted by luggage weight, but am mindful that extra weight = extra fuel.

My next trip is due to start on August 14th, 2016 when I will head out from my home north of Brisbane around 8 am, after securely locking up my house.  My first stop is Goondiwindi not far from the Queensland/New South Wales border, a distance of 414 kms.

One place I hope to visit is the Customs House at Goondiwindi where early in Australia’s history people crossing from Queensland to New South Wales had to visit!

I will, of course, be posting daily.

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