Two Weeks Before the Journey Begins…..

Some days I am excited about my plans and other days I get a little anxious – the latter probably because I have so much to do before I leave, though I do know I am stepping somewhat into the unknown.  I have travelled most of the route from here to Adelaide,but not alone, and not staying overnight in places on my own.

I do think I have most things well planned, but, as they say, the “proof will be in the pudding.”  The hardest part will be after Adelaide but I will have several weeks of travelling up my sleeve by then.

I have had several conversations with the people who run the place I intend to stay for the first few nights, a place called Possum Park, which is just north of Miles.   It is a particularly historic place – and I will say more about it later, but I am keen to see it and learn more of the story about it.

I am purchasing food items (if something is on special and is on my list, I get it straight away.)  I have my clothes sorted, though bought some shorts today.  I know it is going to be extremely hot – so I will try and be as comfortable as possibly as I drive.  I have a large number of t-shirts, and a purple long sleeved shirt to wear while I am driving to protect my arms from the sun.  Of course I have sunscreen too.

The car will get serviced just before I go, so I hope everything will be ok.

I have had so many people warn me about a range of things, and I too have shared my advice with two young men from Holland who came into the Bayside Information Centre on Thursday where I was doing my usual volunteer work.  These two guys had bought an old Kombie van and were looking for maps of Queensland.  I told them about kangaroos, emus, and the problems with our flooding waterways.

I know I will meet some of our native animals on the roads, and know that

often the best time NOT to be on the roads is at dusk/early evening or early morning.  I member years ago, driving all night,  The other major problem is of course flooded roads, and young men in particular who think it is safe to drive through the water.

Two Weeks Before the Journey Begins..... 3

This photo is part of a program that I think started last year,  So many people get caught out when they try to traverse fast moving water, and their car gets carried away.  I recall several lost their lives, or nearly did.  It is something I am mindful about, and I will not be testing the water.

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