UBC – Day 14 – Catching Up

UBC – Ultimate log Challenge and I am days behind.  I have a plan to do some catching up.   In part it is because the info comes from the USA, and they are so many hours behind Australia.  So by the time I get my instructions I am a bit behind if I look at my Aussie timeline.  Then when I am busy I get really behind, so here I am on the 21st day of the month, doing a task from one week ago.  Not that I have been lazy at all – I have worked every day and some days from 5.30 in the morning and to late at night.

This post is about Twitter.  Really?   I am not a great Twitter user.  According to my stats I have written 350 Tweets, and follow 31 and 46 people follow me.  I have no idea why anyone would want to follow me – as I rarely report anything of great excitement.

In part is because I don’t have an active business seeking worldwide support.  I dont see the point right at this point of my life.  And so my commitment to it is minimal.  I have too much else on my plate to “waste” time doing something that doesn’t seem important to me.  However, I will, I promise learn a little more about it.

I have found a site – WikiHow – which has information about using Twitter.  Click here to see it.  Maybe with some education I will use it more or see more value in it for me.

I do use Facebook, but not all that much either – usually just random comments, shares or photos.  I do have a business site, but not much on it.

China - at Shaoxing. Catching up on my writing about this.

Pagoda in Shaoxing, China.

Why do I put a photo of a Pagoda in China on this post?  Several reasons.  I like the photo – it is a place that I passed once a week for 18 months or so when in China when I travelled from Shaoxing to Keqiou where I taught English.  In 2016 I stayed in a house under the Pagoda.  I am writing about that trip – another one of my tasks which I am behind with!!

Today and tomorrow I am hoping to catch up on the UBC Blog Challenge.  One down 6 to go.  Still catching up ……………………  Day 14 Done.



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