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This List of Marketing Ideas for Writers is something that I talk about often. I am a writer – usually writing for websites, or in the past magazines.  I am also a Senior Writer for WeekendNotes.comand a member of various writing organisations and have many friends in the writing industry.

I am often astounded by how little writers know about marketing – and even when they publish a book they don’t have the skills to get their message out.

Here is a List of Marketing Ideas to help you

  1. Get a Business Card.

I have heard many excuses about this.  “I am not a business, so why should I have a business card?” Perhaps we should call them name cards – these days we are so often asked for our name and contact details. Often it is someone who wants to know you more, know what you write, or find out about your book or other writing.  I don’t know how many writers who have “promoted” their book at an event, cannot give you a professional looking card/document with their name, phone no, email address, or website.  Grrr.  It is so hard to remember their name or their contact details, and they miss out on a sale!

2.  Create a website or blog.

It can be free, you don’t need a technical person (ask a grandchild!) where you can detail your writing journey and highlight events and promote your book.  List the URL on your business card.  It is a good idea to get your own URL – I have my own name www.dihill.com.au and I use an email with my URL – info@dihill.com.au but it goes to my Gmail account and I can send emails from info@dihill.com.au

3. Set Up a Facebook Account

You can create a FB for personal use and another one for your Writing.  The latter is where you post about writing matters, and promote yourself, your book/s and your writing journey.

4.  Name Badges

If you are a published writer/author it is helpful to have a name badge.  A plastic one in colours that relate to your book, or your favourite colour, with just your name, will help people remember you and your name.  Cost – around $15 or less.

5.  Network. 

It is so helpful to meet other writers – so attending Writing Conventions, Festivals, Book Launches etc.  So take your business cards, some blank cards (for those who don’t have business/name cards).  You will be surprised how much you learn, and who you may meet.  It will also help you gain confidence – as writers tend to be a shy lot!

6.  Public Speaking

Many writers earn regular money by speaking.  Many also speak without asking a fee, but expect to sell their books.  Many organisations seek interesting speakers for their meetings.  I would suggest that you join Toastmasters or something like the Australian Forum Communicators or attend public speaking courses.

This List is just a basic list of things to do.  For more great information visit Robyn Henderson’s website.

Of course, there’s much more to Marketing for Writers.  You’ll have to wait to see the rest of what I suggest.


Check out Robyn Henderson’s website about Networking.  She really is the Networking Guru in Australia. Click here.

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