The Ultimate Blog Challenge

UBC – Day 30

The Ultimate of Blog Challenges

Over the past few years, I have participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is always held on a month with 31 days, and the aim is to write a blog post every day!  What a task!!

As someone who does workshops to inspire and assist bloggers, writing a daily post is not something I would recommend to my students.  It is a heavy commitment.  It’s possible to do, but I wonder if all your readers want to be bombarded by your words – even if they are words of wisdom!

When you get a few days behind in such a program, be it your own plan or something like the blog challenge, you can find it very hard to catch up.

January 2018 for me has been an enormous month.  As president of one busy organisation, and in the middle of forming another major entity my life was chaotic. Also, I was planning and booking a rather sudden overseas tip.  I was overwhelmed.

However, I am determined to complete the challenge, even if a day or two late.  This is post number 30, so almost there.

How often should one post in a blog?

It depends.  Generally a maximum of two or three posts a week is recommended.  However, if you are doing a travel blog and you are travelling, you could probably have a mass of info and photos.  Perhaps your followers would not mind a daily, or more frequent updating.  Or if there is a major event that is significant, a daily or more often post will do.

The Ultimate Blog Challenge 1

Nearly there…..

Regardless of how often you intend to post, you should have a plan.  I did, but it went pear-shaped as my life went into major chaos. I know now that I was well overcommitted, and am currently trying to ward off a cold/flu.  Over the next couple of days, I will have to get more rest.  With an overseas trip coming up, I need to be well.

My Ultimate Blog Challenge is almost over.  I do recommend it.




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