Ultimate Blog Challenge Again Challenges Me

I signed up for the October 2016 Ultimate Blog Challenge, but am already three days behind.  It is run from the US so I am always one day behind by the time the info comes out.  And I have a busy diary – with the last three days full of activities including working at a Car Boot Sale and the official opening of the new Peninsula Rail line yesterday.

As usual, I had two roles at both events – as I am usually the “official photographer”.   The latter event was huge and we had to stand for hours. By the time I returned home by feet, indeed my whole body was aching.  I did do some work on websites.

Ultimate Blog Challenge challenges me.

The Team from Caboolture Historical Village with Rick Williams MP – Ultimate Blog Challenge

Last night I also listened to a Webinar on Blogging – not connected with the UBC – but with good information.  It was an introduction to a Blogging Meet-Up group.  Earlier  I had spent time with my neighbours, who are sadly moving from here.

I also have some articles to write for Weekend Notes – a task I hope to complete tonight. I have one interview re my housing this morning, a meeting about Marketing at the Historical Village.  Tonight I have a meeting about the community bank Bendigo Bank project for my town this evening.   No wonder I don’t get a lot of time to write!!!

Still, I hope that by the end of the week I will have caught up somewhat.  UBC likes us to post every day, but I don’t think daily posts are necessary, so I will do my own thing.  I will post 3 – 5 times a week. That will take pressure from me.  It is not like I don’t do any writing!  I manage to do quite a lot each day.

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