A Visit to Uncle Bob’s Pigeons

It was the pigeons that fascinated me. I remember Uncle Bob’s.  I had been there frequently for many years but when I moved north, I seldom passed through Belmont.  Until yesterday!!  On this day, I enjoyed the Pigeon Entertainment.

It was a bit overwhelming to see before me the vast array of cakes and pastries.  Even at 9 am people were eating pies.  Pies for breakfast?  Morning Tea?  Mind you, I am aware of how good the pies were.  It has been a while, and even now as I am back home, I am planning a visit to the store.  A stock of pies for the freezer?

I needed something – my breakfast had been meagre.  And I wanted another coffee.

So I spun into the car park and stood for a while trying to work out what I would order, or if I would order one of the calorie-laden

A Visit to Uncle Bob's Pigeons 1

Mmmm.  So cool….

A Visit to Uncle Bob's Pigeons 2

Do I need to move?  Someone want to park here?

A Visit to Uncle Bob's Pigeons 3

Let the air flow through the feathers.

goodies on offer.  I watched as a couple came by – large folk who should have been on a low calorie diet, who ordered huge pastry filled pastries.  I tried to hide my shaking head!!

Coffee and raisin toast was my order.  And I sat at one of the tables near my car and enjoyed both.  But it was the entertainment that fascinated me.
















Pigeons on Parade

Typically at a bakery, there are always birds – happy to pick up and indulge in any crumbs that fall to the pavement, or, if no one is looking fly to the table top and devour any left overs.

A Visit to Uncle Bob's Pigeons 1

Ah, the serenity.










It was warm.  Typical Queensland weather.  Two pigeons scampered around crumb collecting and then one, found a puddle and fluffing it’s feathers, lowered itself into the little pool.

When the pigeon had finished its bath, it ran around the tables fluttering its wings and feathers.  I couldn’t get a photo of it.  I laughed.  It was as if it was gloating about its cooling off!!

So I had wonderful coffee, raisin bread and entertainment.

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