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I am not one who takes videos – though I do have some great ones that I have taken and I am keen to do more.  One thing though I have learned that it is worth looking through these sites for things that are of interest, or likely to be of interest.  There is so much learning that be done – you really only need to search.

Cooking is one topic.  There are many simple (or not so simple recipes on Youtube) and I have used some.  I had been to Cheesemaking lessons, and “knew” how to make yoghurt.

However, I was having some failures, so I went to my friend Dr Google to learn more.  I found this video.  I also found other videos and now I make my yoghurt using yoghurt I already have in the fridge.


My way is so easy now.  I put a litre of milk on the stove and heat it to 40 degrees Celcius, stirring occasionally.  I let it cool a little before adding two tablespoons of fresh  yoghurt from my fridge. (several days old is ok).  Then I put the container into my yoghurt maker with boiling water to keep it warm for 10 – 12 hours.

I stir it well with my sterilised whisk before I put on the lid and leave it.  When I am happy with the way it has solidified (I have been known to throw out – actually on my garden – the old cold water and replace with boiling water in the yoghurt maker and leave for another 10 hours or so before putting it in the fridge.  A day or so later, I get out a container, my cheesecloth and a strainer (which I sterilise with boiling water) and scoop it out letting the whey seep through.

Then I put it in the container in the refrigerator.  I save some of it for my next batch.  Easy. Cheap.  Better.

Also yesterday I found (accidentally) a video of Shaoxing.  Actually I found several.  Shaoxing was the city in which I lived and taught in China a few years ago.  My, it was an emotional viewing as I revisited places that had been part of my life then.  There are many videos on Youtube on Shaoxing. At Vimeo I discovered a video made my a teacher who was at the university at the same time I was there – in fact some of the other teachers I knew are in the video.

You never know what you find.  Worth searching………..

Here is another blog post.


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