What are the Future Plans?

Future Plan No 1 is Somewhat on Hold

On New Year’s Day 2020 I was full of excitement for my future plans.  I still am, but with the first month almost at an end, I’ve had to postpone my plans a little!

I had hoped to move before the end of 2019.  To a small unit in the bayside area, near where I used to live.  I have viewed several of the properties, but for a range of reasons, I did not feel comfortable applying.  A couple had security issues, one I would have had to share the garage with three big dogs, but some have been suddenly removed from the market.  Two properties I was keen on were in the latter category.  One, the owner decided to do more renovations and increase the rent, and one was suddenly made available to someone else, even before the inspection date.

I cannot do some of the plans I had on my list until I move.  Here I am almost two months past my preferred moving date and nowhere to go!

 New Business Plans

My new business is not yet interrupted by the delay.  Well, at least not much. My planning is on hold.  I am still participating in the training program which will not finish until March.  I have plenty of study and work to do before I create the business.  I had thought I would have some of the legal issues completed, but want to do that from my new address.  But I don’t have one!

person writing on brown wooden table near white ceramic mug

Study, and more study

New Website

My plans for the new website are a little delayed too, but that is not something I am worrying about.  As long as it is ready by early March, and I have decided to get some professional help for that.  Setting up my home and office is the priority, but it seems that there is no progress.

This coming week I have two appointments which might just play into my plans.  Just waiting.

There are some things I cannot control.  don’t you hate that?






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