What did I do?

Back a couple of weeks ago, I bravely attempted to add a new Plug in, and change my “theme” but I stuff it up.  I don’t know what I did, but I couldn’t access the site, couldn’t fix it.  I  communicated with three people who claim to know WordPress well, and one I met with and wrote down his instructions.  They didn’t work.  My son – clever web man – has not had the time to help me, so I was left in limbo, until I enticed Data Guru to visit me and share a bottle of wine.  We do work on a few local community projects, so we do meet frequently.  I put on my “poor me” performance, gave him some extra wine, and he worked on my website.  Yahoo he fixed it.  I have promoted him to King Ricky – or KR for short.

So now I am scared to play with my website!!!  I will be going to the Sunshine Coast WordPress Camp in May.  I have booked and paid for my accommodation and am looking forward to it.  I am not a tech head – hence my need to have someone like KR  to help me from time to time.

I am more interested in writing that playing with back end complicated stuff – and I am glad that KR can help me.

I write for Weekend Notes and travel frequently to research, take photos, and write the article.  It is a lot of fun, but time-consuming, but I love doing it.  It gives me an opportunity to drive to places and explore.

This week I went up to the Glass House Mountains, and have submitted the article but it has not been published as yet.

I have discovered another issue that perhaps needs to be resolved with my site here.  I can’t upload photos.  Error messages occur, but I have found that if I use PicMonkey.com, that I can do it.


Pine Forest


I can live with that, but will contact KR again to see if it can be resolved.  Darn, more wine.



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