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What Flower will open from this bud?

For someone who has grown a lot of flowers over many years, it surprises me that I have not grown one of these.  I can recall taking many photos of them in bloom at the property where I last lived, but I’d never grown them myself.  That is, until I found just one seed in a Woolworths Plant Promotion.

As it turned out, I “killed” a few of the other plants, but this one grew with one long stem that I attached to a bamboo pole. I’ve watched it grow and was thrilled to see the bud eventually appear.

It is progressing well, and I hope that the bright colour of the petals will appear for all to see in a week or two.

Budding - hopefully soon to open.

In Bud – when will it open?

As it turns out, I am rather impressed already – and perhaps I will buy some seeds soon and see what happens. I’ve read information that they can flower within 6-10 days of planting. Well, mine has taken much longer than that, but I’m keen to test them. If I soak the seeds first and plant them in pots, maybe it will work better.

Will they Survive the Killer?

I live in a complex with 17 other tenants, although at the moment there are only 16 of us.  There is someone among us that does bad things to our plants.  There are two people who are likely suspects – but we have no proof.

Someone recently came and removed 6 buds from one of my plants. I saw one person fiddling in my garden just before I noticed the buds had gone. It is a Gardenia. I love the fragrance of Gardenia – and it brings back memories of my time in China. In Spring, there was a wonderful hedge of Gardenia, and they spoiled us with the fragrance of an evening on the way back to our apartments.

white petaled flower

From Unsplash – Gardenia by Kristen MacAdams @snowswimming

Sometimes we find our pot plants dead.  Suddenly.  As if someone has done something to them.  Added poison?  We don’t know, but just try and hide our “valuable” ones.

Garden Memories

I feel that my ability to grow plants, from flowers to fruit and vegetables came from what I learned from my mother.  I am sure she learned from her mother, who had great gardens.  I remember living with my grandparents in Woodlands, a suburb of Adelaide.  My grandfather was mostly bedridden, and the family helped look after him.  (I was about 4 and all I did was collect peppermints from him!)

Nanna was a very strong women, and at the time there were three families living in the house.  She ruled the home.  She also managed, with limited help from others, the vegetable garden, and chopped the heads of chooks when we needed a feed of chicken!!

We lived there while our house was being built and when we moved out, may parents worked to grow a range of fruit and vegetables.  I remember that each summer we had apricots, plums, peaches, strawberries, and almonds growing.  How many tummy aches did my sister and I have as we were often impatient and “tested” the fruits before they were properly ripe!

I remember the smell of sulphur that wafted the air when Dad set of the drying process of the apricots. I remember the many hours we spent over the years, cutting fruit, stuffing the de-seeded fruit into Vacola jars for Mum to cook in the oven. I remember the delight of eating fresh fruit – which I feel tasted better than the “fresh” fruit we get from the supermarkets now.



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