Where have all the manners gone?

What Manners?

I remember when there was respect for others.  My teachers were called Mr, Mrs or Miss.  I remember when I was a nurse, we never referred to those we worked with without their title.  Even if I worked with my best friend I’d call her Nurse ……  We were taught manners by our parents.  It was an important part of our learning.

These days there seems to be no courtesy at all.  For children to call folk senior to them by their first names has become the norm and I am not all that comfortable with that.  But it is more than that.  There seems to be a general disregard for courtesy.

Yesterday I was walking in the city (Brisbane) and there were so many incidents where I felt others were disrespectful.  Often the young ones are on their phones and they walk straight into you, and almost never say “Sorry” or similar.  If they are in a hurry, they push you aside.  (I note that many who do this are Asians, and I know that the Chinese don’t have consideration for others – just themselves.  And it was some of these that pushed me aside yesterday!)

Where are the Gentlemen?

I remember when men (gentlemen) would open a door for you – perhaps as you entered or exited a building.  Few do it now, though I have been pleasantly surprised by three occasions when this has happened recently.  I always stop and thank them.

Ladies and Gentlemen – we often heard those words when I was younger.  But the usage of these terms has diminished in recent times.

Manners appear to be lost now.  It’s every man and woman, or child, for themselves, with little consideration by many of anyone but themselves.

Where have all the manners gone? 1

Selfish, Rude and 


I do find it surprising how many people (and I refer to my country Australia) seem to ignore the old rules of courtesy and manners, and how many seem to flout all laws (road laws, violence, theft, and more.)  Do young people get educated about the laws of the country at school?  Home?  Where?

A concerted effort is needed to ensure that everybody knows the rules of courtesy and the laws of the country.  Instead of focusing on all the bad things, let’s focus on teaching everyone about being and doing good.



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