Where is the Toilet Roll Holder?

Toilet Roll Holder Placement

The Toilet Roll Holder. OK, it’s probably not an issue that you devote much time to. But it has been something that has appeared high in my list of interesting things, recently. Where is the best toilet roll holder placement?  In a sense it happened because of the apartment I now live in.  The toilet roll holder is attached to the wall to the right of the toilet seat, but far enough back that I have to twist my body 90 degrees to reach it!

The standard position is shown below.  It should be in front of the toilet bowl, at the right height.

Where is the Toilet Roll Holder? 1

Research on Toilets and Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet Roll behind the toilet! How smart is that?

Crazy place for toilet roll holder!  (Designed by men??)

I’m working with a group designing unit homes for seniors.  Strangely, the toilet paper problem is often cited.  And it’s not just women who have challenges with it.  I had to laugh as a fellow living in the same block as me also finds it a problem.  And men usually only have to sit on the toilet once a day usually, while women have to do so every time they “go”.

Second photo from catalogue.

Maybe this is a bidet?

The two images above have come from a document in the weekend newspaper, promoting a range of products from a plumbing supply company and their bathroom masterclasses.  The first photo has the toilet roll on the back wall – almost impossible for women to access.  The second photo has no toilet roll/holder and no space for one on the right as there is no wall, and there isn’t one on the left wall.  While I recognise that this is only a publicity brochure, it does send a strange message.

What about a Bidet?

Australia has not warmed to the value of bidets.  Perhaps it is because they are more expensive and cost a little more to run.  But maybe that would be helpful in toilets.  I’ve not used one, so have no experience.

What do you think?






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