My Whinge About Builders and Architects

I do wonder if architects are actually used in some building developments.  Would I be wrong in guessing that some developers use “draftsmen/women” instead of architects because it is cheaper?

As these days I am focusing on suitable housing for senior/solo women, I am looking differently at some issues with housing.

As I have been spending time house sitting in Southport, I have had the opportunity of making assessments on the apartment in which I have been staying.  I have so many issues that concern me.  Perhaps some builders should not be in the industry.  I often surmise that they have a motto “near enough is good enough”.  This was especially evident in my last apartment.

The building I am current in and “reporting” on is in Southport.  There are some 30 or so units on the block, and it is less than 20 years old.  Maybe 15 years.

Some things:

  1.  Doors.   It is a “secure” property, with locked doors to make it difficult for criminals to access the building.  But the doors are so heavy, making it difficult to unlock them if you do have the key and want to access your property.  And don’t try and hold something – you need two hands to pull the door open!!!   This “encourages” tenants to put the door mat in such a way that it is not possible to lock the doors.  Stupid as it allows criminals easy access, and as I found out today, it makes it easy to trip.
  2. Ensuite Bathroom.  Clearly, there’s an effort to make it “look better” with little consideration about the practicalities.  The door to the shower cubicle is in an odd position, which creates challenges entering and exiting the shower.
  3. Clothes Drying.  Tenants have to use clothes dryers as it is not permitted to have any clothing on lines in the courtyards.  It’s about “looks” not practicalities.  And about a higher electricity bill!
  4. Taps – cheap and nasty.  In the kitchen, it is a challenge to get water into the kettle to boil water.  It is also challenging with the washing of some kitchen items.   It would probably only be a couple of dollars extra to have the water taps on a slightly higher level.
  5. Flooring – light coloured carpets?  Really?  They are easily soiled and look awful. Though this already dark apartment might look worse as even with all windows open, there is no sight of the sky or sun.  The latter also makes the apartment cold – and high costs for heating result.

I could go on – but what I wonder is, if any of the builders lived in such a place would they want to change things???

Stupid Builders

One other consideration is that those things mentioned above, create additional challenges with people who are physically challenged.   I’m not talking about a major disability here – it is certainly not suitable for this cohort, but a senior or someone with an injury would find difficulty in living in this place. I suspect so.

Oh, and the noise.  I can hear other tenants flush the toilet when I am lying in bed, and other crashing noises are constant.  I’d hate to live her full time.

And about downstairs.  I cannot believe the about of dirt, rust, damage, etc.  I wonder if someone should contact the council?  Apart from it looking awful, is there a safety issue with it. (There appears to be little general maintenance – I asked the manager to clean up a sticky mess someone left.  He did a little of it, but seemed to ignore a lot of it.)

Postscript. Less than 24 hours since I wrote this post – this article appears, about shoddy builders.

Some more funny building issues.

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