Who Cares About History?

I am interested in history.  I don’t know why particularly.  Is it because I know that my great great grandfather (or was it great  great grandfather?) Giles Abbott and his wife Sarah,  arrived in South Australia on the first ship to arrive in 1836 on the Buffalo?  I knew little of the family stories on my father’s side of the family until recent years, but I did know much more about my mother’s family, the Ragless family, who arrived not long afterwards, on the good ship Eden.   

I am often finding material on the Internet as people around the world publish information about various members of the family, or those who seek information about the family.

But it is not just my family history that interests me.  I have been a member of several history groups and often attend meetings/talks by those with a story about some aspect of history.  I find it easy to remember things and love visiting all sorts of historical places, and when I drove around Australia in 2012/13 I visited many places that are significant historical sites in our country.

The Abbott family arrived on the Buffalo in 1836 and were some of the first inhabitants of that state.

Today I found out that there is a Pioneers Association of South Australia – which has been around since 1935, and I had not heard about it.  I found it because I accidentally found some reference to Giles Abbott, and clicked on the link and found some information about hi.  I do have a book about the Abbott family.

The information I found today was actually on the site, and I think it is pretty much the information that I have details about.

The Giles Abbott story is here.



Great Grandparents (I think)


My grandfather’s house at Airlie Avenue, Prospect, South Australia.

There are so many historical villages, historical sites, historical houses all around Australia, and I like to think that we can encourage younger people to explore these as they are significant in our history.

(I have also today sent an email to someone seeking information about the Ragless family).

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