Who Inspires Me?

Who Inspires Me?

The challenge for Day 3 of the Blog Challenge is to write about someone who inspires me.  I don’t have any one person really.  I had to think long and hard about this.  There are so many folk whose work and stories inspire me in some way.

Nelson Mandela

I have had to put a lot of thought into this task.  Perhaps Nelson Mandela would be high on my list.  What an amazing life this man had, and to think after the many years of imprisonment he came out without a chip on his shoulder and went on to become an amazing President of South Africa.  He really is an inspiration.  I must read more about his life.

Barbra Steisand

In the music world my idol is Barbra Streisand, and co incidentally I am listening to her music as I write this.  I realised this morning that I have not played many of my CD’s for a long time.  Doing so is high on my list of things for 2017.  I have a wonderful collection of music, but oddly I’ve ignored it all for some time.  I can shut my eyes and imagine myself singing in her image.  Weird I know, but she is such a wonderful singer and person.

Qiu Jin

Who Inspires Me? 1

There are so many whose stories inspire me.  One is Qiu Jin – China’s first feminist apparently.  Her story is quite amazing and I had the honour of visiting her museum in Shaoxing in 2014.

Li Cunxin

Who would not be inspired by Li Cunxin?  I have seen the movie and read his book. I am in awe of his journey from a little village in China to being the Artistic Director of the Queensland Ballet.   His website is here.


So many people do things that have me reading about them and trying to understand the trauma and the challenges that they have survived.

I meet so many people, or read about them, who give me goose bumps.  So many people do so much good in this world yet our media is only interested in reporting all the bad in our society.  We need to see more stories of people who are doing good things, and just ignore those who are doing bad things.  What would it take for the media to change?

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