Why visit Dubai?

Why Dubai?

Why not visit Dubai? My decision to go to London was made rather hurriedly.  I had the money and I wanted to see more closely the co-housing project at Barnet, in north London, and I had some “free time”.  I had no house sits for the period.  I set about checking flights online and it was then that I worked out that I could do a stopover in Dubai.  I had never been there, so why not?

Why visit Dubai? 1

Along the Dubai Creek

Why visit Dubai? 2

More Dubai Creek

I didn’t know a lot about the country – I guess not much more than it was a modern and growing place, and that it was the home of Emirates Airline – which I had heard good reports about.  As it turned out I was booked on Qantas – but flew with Emirates for most of the trip.  I was impressed with Emirates – especially their entertainment system.

Rest on a Long Trip

One of my things I wanted to do was have a break in a long trip – and I chose to spend four days in Dubai.  What a good idea.  I knew it would be hot in Dubai and cold in London so was essentially prepared for both kinds of weather.  How hot Dubai was though!!

Advice: when in Dubai in hot weather, make sure you spend the middle of the day in air conditioning – be it one of the massive shopping malls or in your hotel room!!  

Try the bus

I spent two days on the Hop on Hop Off bus – I always like to do that when in a city, so that I get my bearings and it helps me determine what places I want to visit.  Usually, I join the bus around midday and do one circuit first before getting off.  Then I can finish my 24-hour ticket, the next morning.  I like sitting on the top level so that I can take plenty of photos – but that depends on the weather.  If it is too hot, too windy, or raining – I stay downstairs.

Why visit Dubai? 3

It certainly gave me a “taste” for the place.  I wish I could have stayed longer – and hope to get back one day.

What did I like about Dubai?

  • It’s a modern city with amazing buildings – great architecture
  • The Dubai Creek is most interesting and well worth exploring.
  • There are amazing hotels – up to $28,000 a night.  I chose a cheaper one which was clean and adequate.
  • I didn’t need to take a translator – people spoke English
  • The Dubai Museum was most interesting – and the history was captivating with great displays
  • The Souks are worth visiting – and it appears to be a very safe city for wandering around
  • The awesome shopping malls – even if you don’t want to spend money – are worth exploring
  • A tour of Dubai Creek on one of the dhows is a must
  • Food is great
  • People were friendly
Why visit Dubai? 4

A camel in the Museum

(I had promised to bring a camel home – which I did.  It was one of these.  Click here.)




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